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"I moved away from Ronda and her team once. Biggest mistake I ever made. The value received from her knowledge about what I and my business needs far surpassed any website or app that promises things they can’t deliver on. This business is not a commodity, it still needs competent people directing their clients. I wouldn’t want to do business any other way."

- Rick Niemi, CEO - Wellspring Pharmacies



"We are thrilled with Summit Health Insurance. They rescued us in our time of need!! Ronda is so accommodating and always willing to go above and beyond!!"

- Tami Clouse, Practice Manager - Summit Nephrology Medical Group, Inc.



"Simply Summit are experts in medical benefits for employers and their employees. They are knowledgeable about the markets. They are transparent with their fee options. They reinvestment in technology to provide their clients paperless and convenient support. They are not just another vendor or broker; they act more like your partner."

- Melissa Johnstone, CPA